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Art: Dragons Shift

Coming to the "Pandora" region on Nara's Nook Grid it is full of surprises. As I have posted about the Storytelling areas, the Dixieland Band and the Poetic Pearls. I now visited the skyrock called "Dragon's Shift".

To get there you have to teleport to "Pandora" . Best for this is to use the map instead the teleport board, which was out of order at the moment of my visit.

Being at "Pandora" the arrival zone has changed to my last visit. This time you will land on a platform next beside a teleport pad. Click on it and you will get a menu with a selection of the Pandora Local destinations. And here I choose 'Dragon_Shift'.

Arriving on "Dragon's Shift" sky rock you will find yourself in the back of a Gazebo. You have to walk around it to get to the entrance. There you see a black panther sleeping on the stairs and a board behind which says:

'Ye shall find yer riddle
amongst the panthers.
Seek and choose the correct one.
Say the word in chat and
if correct you may exit

Good luck and enjoy'

By clicking on the black panther you will get a notecard with the first riddle you have to solve. I will not tell you what it asks for but it has to do with the items lying on a nearby table.

Choose wise and the door will open.

After you have wrote the right word of the item in the chat, the door will open and walking through, you will find another hint of the dragon and the man. The next black panther will give you another riddle.

Solving it will open the next door to give you another problem you have to face.
'Ponder the paver's yonder and think upon these words....'

With that the last door will open and then.....

...well see by yourself !

"Dragon Shift" a cooperative work of Nara Malone and Shannan Albright (Author of the Riddle)

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Pandora "Dragon's Shift"
Teleport to "Dragon's Shift"

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