Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Destination: Honeywood

"Honeywood" is a region within the UK based Roleplaying Grid "Spellscape". To find information about it, see it's web page
For this review I do not want to go to close into the roleplay idea of "Spellscape" but show a bit of the arrival area "Town Square" and adjacent.

The first building which comes in sight is the town hall. Cause the time of my visit is just after change of years and christmas, it is still decorated for the season.

Entering the building through the main portal, you will find a basic course for VW Newcomers about the main use of handling your avatar. On the other side of this hall you find the three desks of the responsible persons of the grid as there is Xander Bing, gawwain inglewood and Alicia Raven. At the time of my visit none of them were online.

From the townhall I crossed the square passed a bulletin board and headed to a shop which came in sight first glance and is called "Blue Skull"; free clothing for man. To my surprise the clothing parts are to be taken by non-residents of "Spellscape", too

As you can own land (which is not mandatory to participating in the Roleplay but optional) there is a Real Estate office next to the Clothing Store.

Spellscape is using a currency called X$ which can be purchased via using Paypal and is 4 US$ to the 1000 X$. For the exchange of this amount a transaction fee of 0.56 US$ will be charged. This is to be mentioned because some of the shops I visited are selling their stuff and you need the money. As is with "Caterwaul", another Outfitter or "Dude" or "Bad Kitty" two skin shops I found.

There might be others but I have not checked on that. Anyway, there are other shops which still offer free stuff like hairs, or female clothing, shoes or eyes to name a few.

From the look of the city it is difficult to say in what time period is settled, as it has parts looking like a bit of medieval but the city itself has a much younger look. But then again one will find a shop offering Spells, Potions and Accessories. To get those needed liquids, words and wands it need to have hard virtual currency.

"Vandenbergh Town", as the area is called, seems to be set up as a trading center for the inhabitants and maybe a meeting point with its two guesthouses the "Smugglers Inn" and "Pepperoni Pete's", the two locations I haven't mentioned yet.

Looking forward to see the first Roleplay Areas. Up to then, cheerio, see you in a few days again.

Spellscape Grid, Areas Town Square and Vandenbergh Town

P.S.: Honeywood is a 3x3 var region with Town Square in the North

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