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Entertainment: Phaze Dragons Part 2

The dragon came out of the nothing and stayed a while in a dangerous looking hover. Itsy did not seem to take any notice while I froze my moves and held my breathe. After a while the dragon lost his interest and left the scene.
I noticed my blood coming back in my veins and inspected the shack. There I got a fishing rod. In the garden of the shack you will see a fish bowl where to try your luck.

From the shack you have a nice view into the valley and to a few other houses; my next destination.

After a few steps on the mountain path a stairway leads down to the settlement.

Down at the settlement I met a wood chopper elf and an iron smith elf, both not very chatty but pretty busy.

A peak in one of the houses showed a pile of books. Clicking on it, you will get the knowledge to make steel and you have to light a fire in the adjacent forge.

Being at the forge you get the info that you need wood to light a fire.

How to get the wood, well find out. Once you have all done right, you have made a solid steel blade.

Proud to be that skillful, I left the two elfs and ewe the sheep and went further down the hill to the shores and a viaduct I have seen from far. Two dragons were patrolling the air but did not take any notice of me.

From down here one can see that the viaduct should be a bridge but somehow it does not reach the other side of the valley. With the construction with its open end it seems that someone is still working to get it finished ?

On my way I passed a lava stream floating from a mountain top to a lake here in the valley.

Following the brick road and concentrated on what awaits me, I noticed now that my little green friend Itsy had left me and I am by my own ?
After a little walk I reached a point where I could leave the road to a pier with a boat aside. A sign similar to the one at the fishing shack gives out a rod for fishing again.

From the pier across the water one can see parts of a mighty brick citadel in the middle of the water.

Unfortunately the rowing boat at the pier is not usable and so I went back to the road. Following the road further. It is a dead end, ending at a wall but with a heavy looking iron door.

But surprisingly I got the door to open to get... to the next door.

And surprise number two this door opened as well and surprise number three, Itsy was back.

And what we encountered next will be told in the third part of the Phaze Dragons story.

Outlandz Grid, Region Phaze Dragons

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