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Education: NOVA Part 2

Finding my way back out of the underwater showroom into day light, I followed the arrows on the ground further. Not far away a board gives information about a Laurel Hill Farm from late 1790 and its virtual reconstruction.

Climbing up a little hill you will reach the rebuild.

Being there you will see a very detailed virtual reconstruction plus boards giving you background information about the farm.

Back on the pathway after a short walk another reconstruction is to be visited. This time it is a trade center.

I looked around to find a hint to what area this should belong to but could not find any information about it, but I guess it belongs to the Cyprus project which is coming next.

After a longer walk along a shore I reached the next place of interest and this time about an archaeological project in the region of Pyla, Cyprus. The name of the project is
"Pyla-Koutsoperia Archaeological Project". Again boards provide information about the project.

To the left of the first boards you can see a model of an Early Christian Basilica

The replica of the ruins in the back of the basilica do not really tell what they have been good for.

A bridge will bring  you across the water and from Cyprus into the jungle. Don't worry about the aligator at the other end of the bridge, he is fed up and lazy and just welcomed you by opening an eye.

Wherever you are in this moment, it will not tell you right away. You have to walk through the village of wood an straw shacks, up a little hill and up a few stairs of a temple ruin to get the wanted information.
And on the top of the ruin you will be informed about the old temple, which is located somewhere nearby Belize (former British Honduras/Central America).

Having an URL Giver in the information board with the shown Web address, would be much more serviceable for the interested visitor, then the print on the board.
More information about the Mayan Culture is been given in the back of the temple ruin when following the arrow on the ground.

When being on the bridge have a look to your left, otherwise you miss the stone engravings.

At the end of the bridge you reach  a circle settlement of the "Late Woodland Area". Hmmm ?

One more bridge after the "Late Woodland Area" and I am back to the starting point of my journey.
On most of the showcases, it is quite informative what one can see and one starts to get interested in getting more information using web sources. But especially on the last spot "Late Woodland Area", at least I had no idea, what it is all about but a settlement.
Anyway, looking at the map I see 4 more regions to explore and "yay" there is a region called "Werowocomoco" (got a knot in my fingers, typing this) and in the center it says "Late Woodland Culture". I bet here I will get my answers on the just said.

See you there, for the next expedition.

VIBE Grid, Region NOVA

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