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Roleplay United Federation Starfleet: The Apprenticeship

Here I am now, sitting in a room at the basement of the HQ building at a desk and in front of Commander Selenmoira, Captain of the USS Davy Crockett.
There is something different with this USS Davy Crockett to the other ships and stations. Right here they speak German language. At the moment the RP USF is played in two languages English and German.

But let me continue on the enrollment procedure.
First Cpt. Selenmoira gave me a WEB Url where to register for the USF Database. There you have to give a few informations of yourself, like your Avatar's name and an email address where you will receive further information emails from and about the UFS and a confirmation of your registration by FleetCaptain Poison Toocool of the 3dRock UFS Community.

Due to the lack of information on the boards of the branches, Commander Selenmoira gave a short overview about the single branches' tasks. But there is no need yet to make a decision in which branch one will carry out one's duty.
After this introduction and the verification of the registration we went to the uniform store to find the right uniform for me.

Pretty easy for a young born cadet like me, there is only one choice. But the uniform store holds uniforms for each branch as well as aliens and civilian shapes, skins and outfits

With my uniform wearing and the USF Cadet tag hovering above my head, I am now member of the United Federation Starfleet.
You may have acknowledged already that the USF is a para military organization and being part of it and decided to play the role, you have to keep certain protocols and procedures within the community and they are of the military kind.
Superiors and Seniors are called "Sir" or the rankname, no matter of gender, as an example of many other military behaviours. But do not worry, if you do not know about, you will be trained in that with your first class of education you have to attend.

There you will be instructed in the Protocols and Procedures of the United Federation Starfleet. Attending the class you will receive a NC with all the information you need to play your military role the right way. To the ones familiar with this from RL: it is not exactly the same in here.
In the class you will also get a closer look into each branch of the RP. As there are:

The Command Branch with four Divisions. Not to be joined but to be invited.

The Engineering Branch responsible for construction, programming, maintenance and use of the equipment with five divisions.

The Marine Corp with two Major Commands.

The Intelligence Branch responsible for the gathering, interpretation and distribution of intelligence. They are two divisions at the moment.

The Medical Branch responsible for the health and treatment of all UFS Personal with three divisions.

The Operations Branch with various responsibilities through out all operations with three divisions (If you want to be a pilot later on, this is the place to go)

The Science Branch responsible for researching, documenting and reporting on new developments and discoveries within science with six divisions.

The Security Branch responsible for ship and station security and safety with three divisions.

And last but not least the Academy responsible for training and teaching within the fleet with four divisions.

At the end of the class you have to take a little exam of 10 questions. The answers are easy to be found in the NC given. When you pass the test your career has made a step further. When failing there is a special room with some very hungry looking alien species........
Being a cadet ain't easy sometimes.

3rdRock Grid, Region Starfleet Astraios astraios

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