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Destination: Creanovale Part I

Travelling to the Creanovale Grid brings you to the "Grunge Square" at "Crea" region first. The "Grunge Square" is an underwater location from where you can teleport (Using the red pin) to several points within the Grid of Dabici Straulino or to other parts of the Hyperverse.

I used the red pin and choose the "2B Squattere", which is the first menu point on the list. Clicking it  and I found myself on a not so clean square surrounded by some industrial buildings. It might used to be an old playground but now seems to be a home for some hobos.

Shouldn't have touched it.

From the square I investigated the adjacent building, which did not contain that much but a seating group and a bucket. Clicking on the bucket you call Max McCoy, who immediately starts to mop the floor. (Thinking about, to hire him for my office on Beeblebrox).

Passing the "living room" of the hobos.....

I went deeper in the urban environment. And the homeless even set up their own stylish dancefloor,

After crossing a canal via a small bridge, I left the grunge part of the area and entered in a more victorian style steampunk environment. And the first building I visited there is still in an old industrial style but in addition, it has a personal touch.

The ground level is sparsely furnished with a seating group and a desk in the corner. A circular stairway brings you to the upper level. A place to listen to homemade music.

Another canal and another bridge across, it will bring you to the city square of "Creanovale".

The square is surrounded by some office buildings where one is called the "Creativity Tower", to be identified by the question words What, Who, Where, When, Why and How, written in large letters on the outside of the building in english and french (remember we are on a Canadian region)

Inside the building you will find a board with the same words, this time indicating the different floors of the building. It might will become a TP system but for now you have to use the stairs to get to the floors

Oh, I just had a look on my watch and it is getting late. Sorry folks, I have to leave for now but will tell you next time what to explore in the building and what it all has to do with creativity. Sorry about that. But as I know your curiosity, I know you will visit the place before I publish my next story about "Creanovale".
Have I mentioned that lots of stuff you can see on "Creanovale" are copy/take enabled ?

Okay see you soon at Dabici's place, have to hurry.

Creanovale Grid, Region CREA

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