Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Destination: Luminaria

I got the information late, almost too late, but there is a chance to get there and admire the fine work made by Camryn Darkstone, Ada Wong and Walter Balazic.
I am talking  about the "Festival of Lights", region "Luminaria" on the Grid.

Luminaria - Festival of Lights for Twelfth Night

For the traditional Festival of Lights on the Twelfth Night of Christmas, January 5, Littlefield Grid has created Luminaria, named after the little candle lanterns used for this festival to create paths to light the way for the Magic.
It is not a holiday region, but a silver-white mystical midwinter fantasy. It features a sparkling display of stars and lights, along with romantic ice dancing and ice skating (free skates and warm winter clothing provided). Visitors have called it "an enchanted land", "a gorgeous surprise" and "magical" .The region will be available until January 12th and all are welcome.
There is no reason for me to add any words to the aforesaid, but to give some impressions of what you await:

You better hurry up to breathe the air and the atmosphere of this enchanted and magical build region.
The region will stay until January 12th.
Tipping my hat to the creators.

(P.S.: I am not quite sure if it would act against any tradition. But for my opinion I think it would be worth to keep the region up longer then January 12th.;-))

Littlefield Grid, Region Luminaria

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