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Education: NOVA Werowocomoco

Remember, last time I was on the "NOVA" Region on the VIBE Grid I stumbled upon the "Late Woodland Culture" and did not know what it was about. Then I found the NOVA map and found a Region called "Werowocomoco" and this will be the place I will go to today, to find what it is about. Just follow me.

Click on the map.............sshhhhhhhhhhhhh.......and here we are on the southern edge of the region "Werowocomoco", a name that, when you type it more often, will tangle your fingers a way you never get them back in the right shape again.

When you stay on ground and have a look around there is not much to see because two big boards are in the way. But those boards will give a lot of information.

The one to the right will show an old map by John Smith showing the location of "Wero.........." somewhere on the American continent. As hard as I could look no name was familiar to me but than in the lest bottom corner I could identify the name "Powhatan" for a river. And with that knowledge I googled the Web and found at Wikipedia:

Steeerike !

The next board, which pictures a scene of the Powhatan native indians of that area, will hand out a notecard when clicking on the letters in the lower right corner.

The Notecard itself will inform a bit about the past and the present of the area and it seemed to be that this setup is part of a lecture, cause the last chapter says:

'Lectures and reading from the classroom will help you with the projects for this area:

Locate the wildlife……and discuss what kind of animals were here.
What role did the animals serve with the land and the people?
Where did they hunt?
What were the boats made out of?
Why was water important to the people?
What were the homes made out of?
How did they make their pots?
What foods did the people eat?
If you lived here, In the Late Woodland/ Contact period… what would your day be like?'

Good not to be a student and so I can just enjoy the area. And for that I will step behind the boards to start my small adventure.
And the first I encounter are.........other boards.......this time giving information about "Dugout Canoe" and how to build such a boat.

A few steps away you will enter a small settlement with a couple of thatched hut. (And I believed all native indians lived in tipis covered by fur and animal skins).

Right here I would have liked to get more information about the huts and the settlement but this time I could not find anything giving that. So I walked further into the plains. In a distance I could see the typical animals for this region and time, like bisons

and deers.

Some native birds of prey take a little break at the moment.

That's it for the finger tangling region "Werowocomoco". For my opinion it lacks a bit on information, but it's worth a visit.

VIBE Grid, Region NOVA

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