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Destination: Phaze-Dragons Part 1

When you come to "Outworldz" Grid these days and not having it visited for a longer time, you will see that it has changed quite a bit. Now you will arrive in a cupola with the upper half made of steel and glass on top of a needle rock.

On the brick walls build as basement for the dome, one can see pictures of Virunga,


and one, the "Hyperzette" has not reviewed yet, Dragon.

Two other pictures will be of interest in the future, Sunja and Oars.

For this visit I was interested in the region "Phaze Dragons" another fabulous work by Debbie Edwards and Fred Beckhusen.
To get there just click on the picture. Same procedure with the other destinations. A short particle rain hit my Avatar and off it went, finding myself in front of a small house on top of a mountain in a snowy region.

A little green dragon eyeballs me suspiciously. Every so often he starts flying around my shoulders, rests for a sec and circles me again. In a distance I can see a harpy flying her circles and a bigger dragon shows up in the air every so often.

My first decision was to get into the house to see what to find there.
Not much but a flickering fire in an open chimney, other then that, the rooms are empty.

During all this investigation tour the little green dragon, whose name is Itsy, followed me around, hovering in the back of my shoulders. Being outside again I saw a tiny building with a swirling circle in it which gives a free gift when touched.

In front of me on the way to a wooden bridge are two spheres, which invite to be touched. And I couldn't resist. But even so I tried it a few times and waited for some time..........nothing happened.
I am quite sure they are good for something.
So I crossed the bridge towards a not so friendly looking Velociraptor, Hoping he was in a good mood. Coming closer I discovered a saddle on the back of the reptile. Should I or shouldn't I. Tossing a coin and I decided to give it a try jumping on the back and wow, the Raptor stayed calm and friendly and easy to handle.

We, the Raptor, Itsy and me, continued our journey. A cave caught my interest and we rode in this direction, entered it and after a short way we've been in a hall. Time to send the raptor back cause  the ceiling is quite low and the hall itself did not look that peaceful. Reason for that, was a big Balrog hovering above a fountain filled with hot red and orange shimmering lava.

Out of the tails of my eyes I scanned the cave the good I could do and saw some eggs laying on the ground as well as two baby dragons playing under the cave's ceiling. Another green creature just crawled out of an green egg to my left.
And Itsy did not give up observing the scenery from behind my back.

In the back of the cave I found a kettle full of lava. Two eggs swimming in it. I touched one and it gave the info :"Oh, so now you want this egg! Okay! Put your egg in the lava pit so it can be seasoned." Well nice info but I do not have an egg, I could set there, and the one I touched is already swimming in the lava.

Without any idea what to do, I left the cave to get to a nearby house, I have seen before I entered the cave.Three bridges later I stood in front of it but the doors were locked.

So I continued my way on the small path between the rocks and arrived at another house but this time Itsy and me got some bad (?) company....

To be continued.......

Outlandz Grid, Region Phaze-Dragons

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