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Destination: Creanovale Part 4

We have had a look in the steampunkish village on "Creanovale". An industrial designed area where rooms are established to deal with creativity and it's about.
But "Creanovale" is more than the city type area. This time my journey will take me (us) in the more rural part of the region.

To get to the place, being reviewed in this post, you have to fly (or to teleport to "NOVALE"). From the village it is located in EastNortheast direction at a distance approx 400 to 500 m away. A rough aim might be the observatory on a mountain. one can see in a distance. When you enter the area you will receive a notecard telling you that you just currently stepped in the region "NOVALE" near the traditional canadian farm and a small church.

When I visited the place, it was in a slight snow cover and I landed on the southern side close to a little green house and a field of "deep winter corn" ;-).

I took my way around the cornfield and reached a stable building made of red colored wood and typical for a canadian rural area (I hope I get that right).

Two horses are the occupants at the moment and in the yards and corrals you see cows and geese and hens and of course a rooster.

From the stable to the right a wooden shed covers the place for the morning wash and the bath, the farmers need to take after a hard day of work and in the morning.

From the shed a wooden plank way leads to the main farm house.
And I like all those little details one can see outside and inside the house

From the farm house you have a look over to the church, my next designation.

One has to cross a bridge and a hay shed to get to it. Do not give any attention to the calf with the funny hat on, standing in the ice cold water for a refreshment. It is one of those special breeds which are good for nothing but a laugh.

Coming closer to the church one will find a small board to the right of the entrance with a picture of the Original church "Panneau Eglise St. Nicolas".

Either I forgot or Dabici hasn't told me yet, the original location of this little chapel. Anyway the virtual replica of it is to be found here in OpenSim on "Creanovale" Grid on Region "Novale"

Unfortunately the trees are in the way to take a better photo than the one above. And yes, you can go inside.

Looking from the church entrance to your left into southwestern direction, one can see a balloon on top of a steep hill. For sure a place to have a closer look at.

And that is the spot the "Hot Air Balloon Tour" will start off. And true it is closer to the village than to the rural "NOVALE" region
To get there is either to climb or to fly to the platform on the hill in a height of 100 m.

Being on the platform, take a seat in the gondola on one of the yellow spheres and start the tour by clicking on the bottom of the gondola and then enjoy the tour

That will be it for my review about "Creanovale" grid, but knowing that this grid is under heavy construction, I will keep an eye on this grid and its development. With all my visits I was lucky to meet Dabici and Kelso and to ask a few questions about the grid. And what they have answered you will read the next week.
Au revoir for now, and if you are a curious traveller visit "Creanovale".
Tipping my hat to Dabici and Kelso.

Creanovale Grid, Region Novale

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