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Textures: Seal

Everybody who is building inworld needs to have textures sooner or later. There are lots of sources one can use inworld or outside the Virtual Worlds. But for sure one of the biggest you can find inworld is "La banca delle texture" or "The Texture Bank" on the region "Seal" on Craft- World

The two modern buildings contains thousands of different textures, well categorized and offered in vendors. One can scan the choosen category by using the arrow buttons on the bottom of the vendor.
The vendor will show you the single texture and an example picture of the tiling behaviour of that particular texture.
If you like what you see just click on the texture and it will be transferred to your inventory if you agree on the pop up menu.
Main categories are:


with subcategories:
female shirts, female shoes, underwear, male, shorts, male shoes, female pants, skirts, accessories, male pants.

Body Parts

with subcategories:
skins, eyes, jewellery, hair, lips.


with subcategories:
aquarium, parrot, animal textiles, winged animals, animals, dragons, ducks, horse accessories.

Trees and Plants

with subcategories:

grasses. bushes, trees, tree bark, vines, plants, water plants.

Food and Drink

with subcategories:
food, drink, thai, sushi and miscellaneous.

Builder's Collections I

with subcategories:
brick house, inside wall sets, templare building set, elegant wallpaper, interior walls, shabby chic.

Builder's Collections II

with subcategories:
tropical house, autumn house, grey brick house, medieval walls, victorian house, warehouse, brick city building, holiday house, painted lady house, tess house.

Sci Fi and Technical

with subcategories:
black and white, sci fi and technical ( a to d ), galaxies, moon, planet surface, abstract (a and b).

In the other Building you will find:


with subcategories:
weathered wood, wood, bamboo, log cabin, rattan/straw, rope, thatch, basket.

Water / Other Textures

with subcategories:
water, book textures, privacy screens, painting/artwork, letters, lava.

Theme Textures

with subcategories:
casino, fitness, Xmas, spiderweb, giver buttons, vehicle, world flags, egyptian, theme textures, font.


with subcategories:
lace, material coloured and fur, finished textiles, material black/white/silver, material blue, material brown/beige/gold, material red/pink/purple, material green/olive, leather, sack.

Building Parts and Furnishing

with subcategories:
doors, curtains, windows, carpets, glass, gates/fences, furniture, mirrors, ornate glass, roof.

Walls and Tiles

with subcategories:
walls, bricks, tiles.

Wall Coverings and Ground

with subcategories:
wall coverings, fire and light, pavements, grounds, grass.

Metal and Rock

with subcategories:
shiny metal, metal other, marble etc., concrete, rough rock, brass/copper, mosaic, special stone

Owner of the region and may be the collector of the more than 6000 textures is Tao Quan

Craft World Region Seal

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