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Art: LPDT2

Coming to "LPDT2" on the NGrid, one finds oneself standing knee deep in water and all kind a things surrounding you. Reason enough to stay and to explore one should think. But "LPDT2" is much more to explore. To get it all one has to ascent. Sometimes one should experiment with the worldmap settings.
Opening the world map one can see the three input fields in the lower right corner. There you can set the location points for the x, y, z positions. And sometimes I experiment with the last height position input. So I did and here are the results for:
4000 m:

On the pics this black and white installation looks confusing, everything is in a constant change from black to white and some objects in a steady move. And I can asure the confusion will not vanish when being there. I guess the artist is Mosmax Hax.
My next input in the input field was 3500 which resulted in a fall to 3000 m and this environment:

An installation by Selavy Oh.
Next flight level 2500 ;-)
Nothing, until you end up at 2000 m in a more colorful installation by Selavy Oh.

The nature of the photos won't show the movement of course.
Let's try 1500
This will give you the view to an installation 500 m below you,

and this when being in the artship and from outside.

Artship pilot in this case Mosmax Hax.
Anything in 500 ?
You better wear a parachute to make it to the ground the save way ;-) otherwise you will land like this

So back on ground level and standing in water, surrounded by letters, words and sentences as well as  objects like tables and seats which creates the impressions of talking, writing, communication.

In this case it is hard to tell who is the artist because the both names of Selavy Oh and Mosmax Hax are to be found.


That's it !
Ah no, there is a tiny bit I forgot to tell.
Freebie Chasers Head up !!

But that's it now. I am not going to tell you what the other boards say. Just read yourself.

NGrid Region LPDT2

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