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Destination: Hosoi Mura Part 3

Here I am now at the entrance of a small village which I guess is the name giver of the region "Hosoi Mura".  Because 'Mura' translates to settlement or village. And a village it seems to be.
Behind the open gate of the town wall, I wandered through a wooden Tori.

From there I had the possibility to either go straight or take the ways to the right and left, which I chose the straight way, passing some warehouses to both sides of the street.

At the end of the road a few steps up the hill lead to a small tea house surrounded by some trees.

From here one has a nice view to a temple tower.
The temple is located on a small island in a mountain lake and to be reached via a wooden bridge in the northeastern corner of the water. A red Tori will welcome the visitors

Back in the village I recognized a channel, which splits the settlement in two halves. Bended bridges give the possibility to cross the water.

A bigger house in the village is the "Kabuki Theatre". An impressive building by its inside as by its outside.

Another building is the "Keisatsusho". The translation I have found is "Police Department" ?

With that I left the village again and found an old zen temple in the vicinity of the village on a plateau.

This will end my journey to "Hosoi Mura", cause the rest is still under construction and I bet that this area, when finished, will be another gem in building of regions within the Open Sim worlds.
Tipping my hat to Amiryu Hosoi

Kitely Grid, Region Hosoi Mura - Edo Honshu Japan
grid.kitely.com:8002:hosoi mura - edo honshu japa

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