Samstag, 15. November 2014

Shopping: Sottigliezze

Dear Ladies,
if you want to know and to see what Zoe, Pauline or Beatrix is wearing for maybe a special occasion, you have to visit the shop "Sottigliezze" (Niceties) at Nara's Nook Grid on the Region Paradise 1.
Thirza Ember offers a nice collection of lingerie for the Ladies. Plus some swim wear.
You will find the shop in the corner next beside the "Meta Body Store".

Put your cotton knickers back in the drawer, there is some more extravaganza at "Sottigliezze".

And have a look at the book steps.

To get there, take the flight to Nara's Nook Paradise 1.
(Gentlemen this is a chance for a special Christmas Grift !!)

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Paradise 1, Shop "Sottigliezze" 1

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  1. Oh This lingerie is soooo nice're going to get me in trouble (winks) Thank you for offering this to us all!