Samstag, 8. November 2014

STOA II Opening with Live Musician Lisa Brune on Dorena's World

STOA II opens its gate for public at November 8th.
STOA stands for  "Spike Teleskop Observatory Array" and is a scientific, educational and informational project by Spike Sol set to realization on the different STOA regions on the Soloton Grid.
It is dealing with the Space in real and science oriented. Just to give a few examples, what to expect:
The universe, black holes, but also it will be explained how the fluorine gets into the toothpaste, cause the fluorine is "bred" in the stars.
Answers will be given to the question, if it is good to build a house on Mallorca, due to the earth plate tectonics.
Due to the fact that the STOA regions are no Party regions, Spike chooses "The Dome" on "Beeblebrox" region to celebrate the opening. And as a special guest for this event, zaphod Enoch invited the well known musician

Lisa Brune

November 8th
20:00 CET, 11 am pst
Dorena's World
Region Beeblebrox
Venue "The Dome"
approx. 21:00 CET, 12 pm pst
DJane Spike Sol 
Dorena's World Region Beeblebrox Venue "The Dome"

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