Freitag, 14. November 2014

Destination: Selea's Winter Magic

After I have showed you the freebies at "Selea's Winter's Freebies", you might need a bit of inspirations, how one can change her/his region in a fine winter scenery.
Sometimes it is not easy to have an area of 256 x 256 meters and looking over the flat land not knowing how and where to start.
So if you are thinking to have your region in ice and snow, let's have a look at Selea's Ideas on her region "Winter's Magic".

Be careful when landing on the region, cause you land on a slippery ice surface under an icy Gazebo right in the middle of the area.

Walking of the ice through some ice flower archway a dragon to your right is keeping an eye on you.

Not only to the right but also to the left ;-). A big snowy gate gives way to a frozen walkway around the region.
Getting off the way a bit into the white covered wood you see a few nice arrangements made of the freebies you can get at "Winter's Freebies" region.

All over the place you can find boards giving notecards with explanations on a click.

I like the ice coach pulled by an ever so cold deer.

Looking at the almost frozen water cascades and the penguins, I wished I would have dressed a bit warmer.

Watch the racoons they are not shy and pretty cheeky on their begging for something to eat ;-)

While the fallow deer family is waiting well behaved and calm on the snowman bringing hay and chestnuts

Want to pet sledge dogs or feed the sparrows ? No problem on "Winter's Magic".

But why do I tell all about it. You should see it and can do all that on your region. Just come over to "Winter's Magic" and do not forget to wear some warm clothes, cause it is a little bit more winter here.
And if you are inspired and like to have some Winter Freebies just jump to Selea's "Winter's Freebies" region

Selea's World Region Winter's Magic's magic

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