Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

Destination: Angmar

I reached "Angmar" on the road from "Termogent" and heading towards a tall tower building.

It again is an impressive building set up by the Ignis Fatuus team.
A long stairway leads into the inner of the tower.

There you will find a teleporter on the ground of the round hall with 6 destinations to select from.

I started with the one called "Arene", which brings you in a round room with nothing in, not even a teleport facility to bring you back or any kind of exit. You are caged ;-). But as a traveller with experience, I know the ways to get out again.

Next destination "Terrasse". Better !
You find yourself pretty high almost on top of the tower and the room has exits from where you reach the terrace, with a fine view over the region. Smaller towers sitting on the terrace and you are on the same level with a zeppelin, circulating around the building.

Next destination "4eme Etage". Up to the top under the roof with its sparkling tip.

Downwards again to "3eme Etage".

"2eme Etage".

And last "1er Etage"

Back on ground level, I headed westwards to the next building. To get there one has to use a bridge over a small canal. On both ends and in the middle of the bridge, three Tori like gates are set up.

And than you reach a building, which is reminiscent of a mosque.

The round halls are empty but with rich textures on the walls, roof and floor

There are some rooms in upper levels but unfortunately I could not find a regular way to get there.
From this mosque I went back to the main tower. From there a straight road leads to the fantastic water castle of "Dar Pha". Meet you there, next time.

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Angmar

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