Freitag, 28. November 2014

Destination: Haunted Winterland

As I have written in an earlier article I will try to introduce a few of the many Winter Wonderlands which are made within the OpenSim communities. I, for sure, will not get 'em all but a few. One very special I found is on the grid "Insula Aeternum" by Seya and Kai Devin. The region is murderous cold, virgin white and bloody red and is called "Haunted Winterland 2014".

Actually it is a smaller island on a deep frozen(!) thin iced (!) lake. But more of that later.
Arriving at "Haunted Winterland", you find yourself in a snowy gazebo with a very special seasonal decoration.

From here, a stairway leads to an archway of trees and further to a summer greenhouse which now is covered by ice and snow and spread over a small frozen lake on the island.

But a windmill and a watermill to my left caught my attention and I walked in this direction first.
To get there, I crossed another frozen lake, said "Hello" to a not so good looking guy resting (?!) in the snow.

The windmill itself was not of a big attraction but the shack beside holds a nice little scenery.

What one will discover in the watermill, I can't show because this is nothing for the faint-hearted. just a peak.

On my walk around the island, I saw Santa using an odd vehicle for travelling and bringing the X-mas goodies.

We all know snowmen but drag snow queens ?? (x-rated !)

Hope it is not too cold down there, Sir !!

Oops, what was that sound, oh oh the ice cracks.............ah........sorry.......aeh.....have to stop

Insula Aeternum Grid, Region Partyinsel

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