Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Destination: Termogent

"Termogent" is the name of the region, which is my today's destination on the Ignis Fatuus Grid. A region which differs a bit in architecture from the once I have visited so far, as it is build in a more oriental style by its buildings.

My journey starts in the most southeastern corner of the region. And after a short walk in northern direction I arrived at a palatial looking building.

As often on the Ignis Fatuus Grid you will meet creatures which are not from the real world (well aren't we virtual anyway ?).

Entering the building you will be in a big hall with fantastic wall and floor textures and a ring teleporter in the middle.

The teleporter will transport you to 50 m height in another hall.

From there you will find a way to a balcony at the outside which is the harbour platform of a strange looking air vehicle.

Using the teleporter again you will be brought back to the basement. Back outside I followed a pathway covered by wooden planks. Maybe I could find an entrance to the towers of the building. But instead, the way leads to another smaller but tall towering building after crossing an elegant bridge.

Unfortunately I could not find any way up into the towers belonging to this building. So I went all the way back to get to a small road which I had seen at the first building. The road comes out to be a long viaduct crossing through a fantastic landscape towards another slim tower.

But to get to that tower one has to cross the borders to the region "Angmar", which will be the headliner for the next review of a region on the Ignis Fatuus Grid.

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Termogent

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