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Shopping: Mini Mall

To name the "Mini Mall" a Mini Mall, is a kind of understatement. Selea Core build a somewhat special mall for all kind of items on her Grid "Selea's World". Four main ways reach from the midlle of the region to the main sections on the sides of it.

You have the choice to go to the "Gift Shop", the "Texture" section, the "Outdoor Scenes" or the "Outdoor Furniture". And the latter is the one I visit first. And that section is divided in many smaller sub sections like
Sofa sets,

Country side Gazebos,

Lounge chairs and dining sets


and many more......

From this section I went over to the "Outdoor Scenes" with
an Oriental Zen Garden Scene

or a fountain

just to show two out of the 19 available scenes.
My next stop was the "Gift Shop".
On offer all different kinds of gift bags and boxes or whole sets:

Teddy bears and baskets,

ballons and many more

The last section offers "Textures" of all kinds

To show them all would go beyond the constraints of this article, so i will show just a small bit

If you are planning on your own objects and looking for a nice texture, Selea's Mini Mall "texture section" is a #1 to look for.
But not only for the textures.
All items are free.
The furnitures are using MLP scripts which might give problems with the 0.8.x OpenSim Versions. But Selea provides a Notecard to help on the problem. You can get it at a Notecardgiver in the section.

And the Mega - and Var region owners have to keep attention on some of the furniture offers.
Nevertheless have a look at Selea's top quality offers at "Mini Mall".

Selea's World Grid, Region Mini Mall
seleacore.com:8002:mini mall

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