Freitag, 7. November 2014

Shopping: Nice Butterfly

Once upon a time there was an exquisite shop for women's clothing in a big German managed grid. The "Hyperzette" reported about the Grand Opening of "Nice Butterfly" at June 11th, 2014.

Meanwhile the fingers of the clock have made their turns and Alex and Lysandra Ninetails have moved themselves and the shop "Nice Butterfly" to the small but fine Grid "Insula-Aeternum" managed by Seya and Kai Devin.
The Grid itself is mainly closed for Hyperverse public but some areas are open, as there are the default arrival area "Treffinsel" or "NB-Nice Butterfly".

But let's get back to the 4 store building of "Nice Butterfly" women's wear. Even so I am not that much in women's fashion, I have to say that the collection of Lysandra and Alex is very nice and very exclusive. Let me show you some examples:

Base level:

1. Level:

2. Level:

3. Level:

These photos will not mirror the personal favors of the editor (well I guess they will not) and be made with the objective eye of a news writer. ;-)  The pictures will by far not show the complete collection.

Insula Aeternum Grid Region NB-Nice Butterflys 1 butterflys 1
(The region is rated adult !)

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