Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Destination: Dar Pha

South of "Angmar" one will find a big structure sitting in the middle of the sea, "Dar Pha". Nobody knows you has build it but it is assumed the Mayan may have done it.

The structure is a stone building with a tall slim tower in the middle, connected to four smaller towers via odd looking viaducts.

To reach the building a long bridge is build from the shore to "Angmar" to the basement.

The basement is a big pond. On four sides water fells a great height into that pond.

Knowing th builders of Ignis Fatuus and their buildings, I jumped in the water outside the pool, and yes the structure continues underwater.

Archimedes' screw pumps transport the water to the tops of the tall towers in the middle of the viaducts from where it falls on its inner parts in a basin at the top of the middle tower. A big screw then leads the water to the waterfalls.

There is another level above the basin, from where one can reach the tops of the towers, build in the viaduct.

Being up there, find a red diamond and click it and be surprised ;-)
Lucky I am, I met an inhabitant who told me that it is assumed that "Dar Pha" is a structure, build to control tides and waves. But nobody knows what kind of culture has build it. For my opinion it could be good enough to produce electricity with some additions.

"Dar Pha" is again a very impressive building by the team of Ignis Fatuus and really worth a travel.

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Dar Pha pha

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