Sonntag, 9. November 2014

Shopping: Selea Core Winter Freebies

This Lady is quick. Halloween is over and the winter is coming. The Lady I am talking about is Selea Core and her Winter starts on Selea Core's "Winter Freebies".
To get there, just jump to her Grid and click on the left board, you will find on the center position of her "Welcome Island".

But before you jump there, make sure you are dressed in warm clothes because it is cold out there, even the surrounding water is carrying some growlers.

Arriving there, you stand on a slippery ice surface with a teleporter board in front of you, bringing you to the the other places within the Selea Grid. But for now I wanted to stay here in the freezing and icy atmosphere.
And I started my way Northwards reaching the Winter Iced Off Sims first.

From here I headed Eastwards and passing different sceneries with a snow sofa including different MLP's Animations.

A Dragons Ice park,

different Iced Gazebos,

all kinds of Winter Scenes

winter ground covers,

numerous Holiday Decorations,

Winter Flowered Arches.

On the other edge of the region one will find

more Winter Scenes,

Bow Trees,

scripted Crystal Trees,

Magical Trees,

and many other winter trees.

There is much then the pictures show you can get for free on Selea's "Winters Freebie Grid". So if you like to have your region white, icy and frozen, come along and pick up some items of the wonderful collection of Selea Core.

Selea's World Region Winter's Freebies's freebies

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