Samstag, 22. November 2014

Entertainment: Haunted Winterland Opening

"Haunted Winterland 2014" opens its doors.

Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 2014 
Beginning at 11 am pst, 
Admittance at 10.30 am pst

Kai Devin & Spike Sol will entertain you with two quiet special ones, wintry and pre-christmassy music-set's of a little bit other kind.

You may be curious!!
Dreadfull winter greetings
The Insula-Aeternum Team.

"Haunted Winterland" is a dark romantic winter scenery. Visiting the region, it is recommended to be dressed in warm outfits. It's a bone chilling cold out there and the vastness will convey a feeling to be somewhere at the end of the world.
Walking down the stony and icy stairs, you are invited to take your beloved and tobogganing the eternal ice or take the skates and explore the region.

The region will be open until February 2015. And we wish you a spooky enjoyment

You can reach us by using the "Weltraumbahnhof" or:

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