Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Destination: Hosoi Mura Part 2

After my first visit to "Hosoi Mura" Minethere Always sent my a nice photo which she had done on a visit befor me. It's made with a night scene windlight setting and I like to share this with you. Here it is:

But I will stay with the regions windlight settings, which are daylight, and so I wandered through the eastern gate towards another settlement.

On the way I passed a wheat field with wooden racks to dry the wheat. Similar racks are used for drying the rice, too.
And I passed by some farm houses.

A next bigger building caught my interest and the open gates invited me to have a look inside. The buildings surround a big square. And it looks like an arena for different kind of fighting sports like archery or javelin throwing.

Back on the road I headed eastwards and on a fork to take a northern route. The dirt road which leads into the mountains has a beautiful lay out with birch trees on both sidesof the track.

I like the streetlamps and the milestones along the road.

And it takes some walk to reach a half stone half wooden bridge crossing a river that mounds in a lake.

After a longer walk, I reached the walls of a settlement. Another big gate spans over the road but the open gates give way into the town. And so I walked through.

And what I have seen inside the walls is good enough for another part of the review of "Hosoi Mura"

Kitely Grid, Region Hosoi Mura mura - edo honshu japa 2,3

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