Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Tim Anadyr Live at the "BluesFabrik"

From the Netherlands Live to the "BluesFabrik"

Tim Anadyr

Saturday July 12th, 21:00 CET, 12 pm pdt at the "BluesFabrik", Region Beeblebrox, Grid METROPOLIS

Tim Anadyr
got his first guitar at the age of 8 and he has been playing and singing ever since.
Tim loves to sing and play songs from Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon just to name but a few.
He has his own song list from which you can request your own personal favorite song during his performances.
The instruments he plays are acoustic 6 and 12string guitar, dobro, jukelele, strat and the harmonica.

Tim Anadyr at The Old Barn 8-11-2011 von rpbizzle

For more information:

METROPOLIS Region "Beeblebrox" Venue "BluesFabrik"

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