Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Destination and Art: ParcDesArts Part 2

Leaving the Julien Schuster exhibition I went to a smaller Gazebo next to the conference building. Looks like I found the music event place with some danceballs spread over the place and a small buffet with a "Chef" doll watching over it.

A blue house in the back took my attention. Looked like the relaxation escape for artists. A very nice build with lot of details in the inside as outside, with a garden in front, watch dogs and a playable hopscotch which is fun to play and watch.

The jetty which seems to lead to the adjacent region ends up at a wall. Because I did not want to risk a jump over a Sim border, I went back to the blue landing platform at "ParcDesArts". There I followed the sign "Pic-Nic" marked on the red sign post.

A mediaboard shows a movie of an exhibition by "SIDA Prevention Sida in 2009". (I hope I got that right cause it is difficult for a non French speaking to find out what it is all about and the info is a bit poor.

After a short walk through a small wood and passing some grazing horses I reached the "Pic Nic" area. Nicely done with an open fire, a "Bully" bus and a set up with all the equipment need for a copious picnic.

My way further took me to a more enchanted area with supersized mushrooms. Some as big enough to have windows and doors and containing a small room.The bigger shroom has just pillows in it to have a rest from the sightseeing of the region.

The last building on the region "ParcDesArts" I visited was the "Cafe desArts" in the southeastern corner of the region. It's a small shack with a little bar and a pinball game inside. Some NPC dolls sitting at the bar and the sound of the pinball fills the room.

After this I headed towards the region "ParcDesArts2" on the search for more art. "ParcDesArts" is a very nice region with all the love for details but for a visitor like me not knowing the French language that well it is difficult to understand what it is all about the Association and it's aims.
Anyway it is a great area and really worth a visit and I am looking forward to what to expect on "ParcDesArts2".
Up to then "À tout à l'heure !"

FrancoGrid Region ParcDesArts

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