Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Silas Scarborough Live at the "BluesFabrik"

The "BluesFabrik" proudly presents:

Silas Scarborough

Saturday, July 19th, 23:00 CET, 02 pm pdt Live in the METROPOLIS Grid, Region Beeblebrox, Venue BluesFabrik

Silas Scarborough (Alan Stewart Fraser),
a wanderer in the virtual worlds is playing in SL, not always but often, in "Cat's Music Circus", had performances in other virtual worlds and is now a guest in the "BluesFabrik" again. Due to the move of the venue, now in METROPOLIS.
He has been playing guitar for over forty years and has successfully managed to avoid learning any popular songs although he did add bass and synthesizer as well to the kit. His first band was "The Rot" with its one-night-wonder, "Don't Bury Your Dead". This was followed by "The Freezebirds" and this lasted for some years.
Silas moved to computer-driven music and stayed heavily-committed to synthesizers and computers for quite a few years but now finds a lot more musical interest in making music dynamically with multiple instruments tapped into a looper. This almost guarantees nothing will be the same twice and this is exactly what Silas wants.

For more information see:
Alan Fraser on G+

METROPOLIS Region "Beeblebrox" Venue "BluesFabrik"

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