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Destination: Dark*Ocean

I woke up next to a big campfire burning between two wooden huts and a gypsy wagon. Cows were grazing in their fenced squares. But nobody was around. All I remembered was the thunders in the stormy sea, cracking planks of the ship and the horrible cries of the men when the vessel broke apart.
I had no idea how I managed to come to this place but I must be alive, heaven may look different. Slowly I stood up, exhausted I walked to a nearby well and drank some water.Wary I inspected the huts but they were empty.

From one of the houses I could see a small vessel lying ashore and I decided to go towards it. The vessel was a not common ship build and looking at the sterns flag I recognized  the white skull and the crossed bones on a black ground, the flag of the pirates. Now I knew that I stranded in a dangerous area.

Carefully I stepped on board the the ship. It was unmanned and empty. Listening into the wood behind me gave no indication of any person in the vicinity. Just the crackle of the campfire and singing birds came to my ear. I left the abandoned ship and walked along the coast side when another house and another ship came in sight......

This or similar is how a story could begin when you visit the Pirate Isle of Dark*Ocean build by Brenda Geissen. Dark*Ocean is the name of the region but Tortuga the name of the Island, which is a popular berth of pirates and reloading point for the booty and the smuggled goods.

Tortuga is a complex of two big and two smaller islands with no real harbour, just an old damaged jetty on one of the bigger islands but a beacon tower.

Not all the houses are empty some do have inhabitants.

There is lots of details to be found all over the region and in the ships.

Come on over to Tortuga and have a look at this great region. Just enjoy the stay and explore the islands and the ships. And maybe you get yourself inspired for your own builds by the great work of Brenda Geissen

METROPOLIS Region Dark*Ocean*Ocean

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