Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

Destination and Art: ParcDesArts2

Leaving the region "ParcDesArts" from the "Cafe des Arts" I crossed a bridge, not as tight enough to stay above the watersurface, to the new region "ParcDesArt2". Another "DonQuichote Sculpture" is showing you the way. But over all hoovers a big mad clown sculpture called "Mother Clown Giant" by Ub Yifu

A round red and grey exhibition hall comes in sight and my interest and curiosity pushed my feet in that direction.

The building is called "Thematheque" and contains an exhibiton named "exhibitions affiches et dessins: la liberte guidante le peuple". With the help of Google it is translated to "exhibitions posters and drawings: freedom guiding the people". Clicking on a board left to the entrance will give you a notecard with lots of text information in French.

Some impressions from the exhibition:

These two photos I took is just a small piece, there is much more to see. It's very interesting to see how old and new master painters and photographers visualize the theme "freedom guiding the people".
After I have visted the exhibiton I strolled over the region and a circus tent appeared a bit off the exhibition hall.

Two funny figurines guarding the entrance, the "Funtasien Duck" and the "Funtasien Avatar" by Lacchi Macchi. Inside one will find the "Mother Clown Giant" in a smaller size, holding two elephants. If that should symbolize something, I have to apologize I have not got the clue. Posters and scenic photos of the "Cirque du Soleil" are to be seen at the walls of the circus.

Leaving the circus I surrounded the region. As on the region "ParcDesArts". lots of smaller scenic places waiting on one's visit.

At the end of my journey I found a bridge to cross to the next region "ParcDesArts1". But this is another story.

FrancoGrid Region ParcDesArts2

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