Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Art: Accueil Francogrid

"Accueil Francogrid" the reception of the FrancoGrid is a region of art.
It is not really necessary to start your trip into the grid on this region and the region itself might be a bit confusing in navigation at first, but it is a region of fantastic art by Cherry Manga and dj phil and surely a must be to visit.

The main object on the region is the teleporter hall. Beware it is watching you !

The teleport terminals are available with a copy take at the guardians to the left and right of the entrance.

And from now on the photos will tell the story.

Actually the above shown teleporter is a vendor type. By clicking on the left or right eye it will change the destination, which is indicated in the public chat.

Welcome to the Reception of FrancoGrid.

FrancoGrid Region Accueil Francogrid
hg.francogrid.org:80:Accueil Francogrid

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