Montag, 14. Juli 2014

Destination Hylden

My journey from "Wasserbunde" to "Hylden" on the grid "Ignis-Fatuus" started at the Northwestern corner of "Wasserbunde".
"Hylden" is mainly a scenic territory with hills and woods. But there are some objects which are worth to have a closer look.
The land falls in steep slope down to the sea and it needs a bit of climbing to come to the top of the plateau.

Walking my way on the plateau I reached an old wooden bridge which spans a deep valley. From the bridge to the left one can see a waterfall. Behind the falling water one can barely see a cave.

After crossing the not so trustworthy bridge a funny bench came in sight with a single could hoovering over it connected with a ladder.

I followed the path further and another bridge appears. To the right in a valley I could see a tower and the roof top of another building.

When investigating the tower I saw that the rooftops and the tower belong to one building which was build over the outfall of a creek.

Walking down to the tower I had recognized a gazebo at the top of the mountain and a hovering zeppelin. My next destinations.

On the floor of the Gazebo one see a hypergate build as a pocketwatch.
I was not able to access the zeppelin, cause it was phantom. But from outside one can see kind of an engine in the cabin underneath the gas hull.

The next pictures will show another location on the region Hylden. The way to there you have to find by your own, it's a bit hidden.

The next blog will give a review about the next extraordinary region "Uschtenheim".

Ignis-Fatuus Region Hylden

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