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Destination Imladris

When you come to the  world of "Imladris" on the "Kitely Grid" you start at a small tower building on the eastern edge of the region.

From there a path leads to the center of the area. The way follows the river Bruinen and soon you can see some elfish buildings in a distance.

After crossing a creek which flows in the river, a little house on a hill appears on the left side. It's a nice little building and one should have a look into it.

At the right to the house there is a natural stone gate. I went through it and after a short walk I stopped at a little lake. A nice and quiet place to relax. A boat at the lake's embankment invites to do that.
(Somebody who was here before must have left a smoking pipe and a mug).

After a short break I went back to the path and continued my way to a bridge crossing the river

The first building at the other end of the bridge is a needle like tower pointing into the sky.

My way leads me further to a round building with a long table in the middle and a writing desk and a chair at the side. Whatever its purpose is, it didn't tell me.

From another wooden bridge I enjoyed the fantastic scenery Paislee Myrtle has created.

This region has so many buildings and scenery to explore, it would go beyond the constraints of this article to describe them all. Therefore I will give a few more impressions of this fantastic region which I took on my two hour tour on "Imladris".

As Paislee stated in her introduction of "Imladris":
'This Devokan Storybuilders' world is a place for meeting with friends, exploring winding paths, or simply quiet contemplation.'
This is absolutely true.
Tipping my hat to Paislee Myrtle.

Teleporting to a region on the "Kitely Grid" may differ to the known teleports in Open Sim. Cause regions are "rented on demand" they will be activated not until then someone likes to visit those regions. Therefore it may happen that you first get teleported on a "temporary" region and than automatically after a short time to the destination you want. Read the floater for information appearing on the viewer's screen.

Kitely Region Imladris

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