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.....that is where I am going to spend a bit of my time during the weekend July 26th and 27th, when the OSGrid is going to celebrate it's 7th birthdays.
The Birthday exhibitions will take place on three Varregions on the grid named OSG7BE, OSG7BN and OSG7BW.
To get there as a hypergid guest is a bit tricky. I tried a direct jump using the MAP from my region "Beeblebrox"on METROPOLIS Grid which is a OpenSim 0.8 METROPOLIS Edition and this did not work.
Then I jumped on a region in OSGrid with OpenSim 0.8.0 Dev to try it from there but this attempt failed either.
Looks like the only successful jump one can make to the Varregion is when jumping from a 0.8.1 Dev simulator version, in my case the "LBSA Plaza" region.
(I used the Firestorm Viewer Release 4.6.5)
Once being there you will be overwhelmed by the sizes of the areas and the builds of the creators. It's impressive, fantastic and fun. In this review I will only give a few impressions of what you can see there. It's a must go. Congratulations to all the ones involved in the preparations and the conduct of this event.

Steampunk by Avia Bonne

Finest Dining Place on the Region by Jim Jackson

Forest Exhibition with Tallest Tree by Jeff Hall

OS Max Theatre by Danger Lytton

The Tree of Life by Caro Fayray

The Heart of Athletes by Tina Bey

HG Safari by Fuschia Nightfire

Mundo Fractal by victoria Logan

The Ancestor of the Hyperlink by Cheops ForLife7

The Colored Tower by Wizard Gynoid

D&J Party Club

One Big Soup by Muxe Magic

Red Dragon Nite Club by Foxxe Bode

Steampunk by Vbinnia Radek

Wickenshire by Lara Nguya

I just took 5 pictures of the installations of each region without any priority. Some are still under construction but be ready on time. There is much more to see and almost every installation has features to try out.
You can spent hours on those regions, so take your time and visit all this works.

All three regions are Varregions and only to be reached from a region using the OpenSim 0.8.1 version.

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