Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Destination Uschtenheim

I left "Hylden" on it's southside to get to "Uschtenheim". From the far I could see a building which looked like an old abbey.

I walked the hilly ground towards the building. The abbey was build in an U shape . In the yard in the center of the complex, one sees a sculpture of a woman holding a fire bowl up her head. In the back is a wall with wooden carvings of some saints and angels.

Steps at the left and right corridors of the house lead to upper towers to the left and right of the entrance gate.
From the abbey I followed a small path that changes to cobblestone steps at the boundery of a little village.

Walking through that village reminded me at a time, I visited a small village in the Provence County in France close to the river Ardeche in RL. The houses are well build with great textures, but empty.

A bridge came in sight which spans a river. Before I took that way, I went down to the riverbank to investigate on a building with two water basins. Looks like this is the public laundry washing place.
The big mushroom and the ghostly unicorn in the back of the building approved my suspicion about being in an enchanted area ;-)

Another build I could see withhold me to cross the bridge rightaway. Stone steps lead toward a bigger wall. I walked the steps and behind was a reservoir, with a Neptune statue in the middle and the ouflow guarded by two large stone brick build knights.

But now it was time to cross the bridge. At the other end of the bridge you enter "Forest Dragon Tower", a new region and another chapter of the "Ignis Fatuus" story.
Well, I did not tell you everything what is to be seen on "Uschtenheim", so come and explore by yourself ;-)
Here is a last impression:

Ignis-Fatuus Region Uschtenheim

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