Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

Shopping and Art: SteampunkZ

A metal bridge arose in the days of July and connected "DutchMountains" with the new region steaming out the waters of the OSGrid"SteampunkZ" by Avia Bonne.
Crossing the bridge you will reach a patinized gazebo whose roof is a big clockface coffetable with cherry cakes.

The inside is......take a guess........a "Steampunk bistro" with worn out convey belts as bar tables. Absolutely inventive.

The main building on the region is a hat protected steampunk building at its finest. Big turning cogwheels and mighty smokestacks breathe life into the building.
Due to the lack of a bridge or a ship I used my virtual ability to fly over from the bistro. Swimming and/or diving is possible, too.

I landed on the rooftop where a wide open portal lead into the building.

Inside you'll find a variety of funny and/or steampunk objects to 'copy take'. I only will show a few here:

From the rooftop a stairway leads to the lower level with a fascinating collection of decorated faces. Avia told me that only the faces have the decoration but not the bodies. But the faces come with a complete skin and shape. Here ar a few examples:

But more than just purchasing at SteampunkZ the whole region is a great steampunk artwork done by Avia Bonne.
And it is open for public August 1st, 2014; 14:00 CET , 5 am pdt

OSGrid Region SteampunkZ

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting and writing about my new region SteampunkZ, Zaph, and wonderfull pictures you have made there as well.