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Destination: Forest Dragon Tower

After I passed the bridge in "Uschtenheim" I set foot on "Forest Dragon Tower". A big cathedral at the region "Avernus" and a tall tower was dominating view.

I followed the road and passed some tudor style houses to both sides of the road. A few stalls at the side of the road offering weapons, food and beverages.

The road finally ended in a big village square with the cathedral and the "Dragon Tower". I took my way  towards the tall tower cause the cathedral was on the "Avernus" region, a later destination on my tour.
The tower has an exciting architecture which reminiscent of an elfish building. A bizarre bridge without any pillars to hold the build leads from the tower to a castle like building.

A few half timbered and stone build houses are in the neighborhood of the tower. Of an architectural interset is an elfish build gazebo in the middle of a river.

I decided to climb the tower and to cross that bridge. The entrance is guarded by an medieval dressed soldier. But he let me pass and I could enter the tower. A filigree spiral staircase leads up. The floors and the ceilings are textures with a steampunk clock face.

After I-do-not-know-how-many levels and steps I reached a door. Opening it I saw that I had reached the fantasy bridge.

From the bridge one has a fascinating view over the scenery and a building way up in the air connected to the ground via a tall beanstalk. Other flying items and dragons crowd the air, too.

What I have described as a castle turned out to be a twin tower.

The first tower is build similar as the one on the other side of the bridge. After a few levels downward, one reaches an open portal to the next tower. But there is only a gallery with no entrance.
One level lower you find a hallway to get into the second tower and on the opposite a door to get outside. From there a stairway leads into the wilderness.

I turned to West and walked through an enchanted area with unknown partly very colorful trees and plants.
After a while I changed my route to Northeast and came back to the bridge I crossed to get to "Forest Dragon Tower". From there I followed the river and entered the region "Point du Jour" which will be the review of the next travel report.

Ignis Fatuus Region Forest Dragon Tower Dragon Tower

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