Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

Destination: Handelsstadt Hohenburg "Baerenfels"

The way from the winery to "Baerenfels" is a short one, because the house is situated at the edge of the region "Duesterwald". The first building one will reach on the cobblestone road is a wine press house. If you want to participate in the RP, you can take the profession of a wine presser here. It is still vacant.

From the wine press house to the North leads a bridge to "Brachtan" another region at the "Handelsstadt Hohenburg RP". But I crossed a little square to follow a road to the East. On the square are two market stands which I think belong to the wine press house for selling the Trockenes Duestertröpfchen (name of the brand).

I thought that on the other side of the square a road would go on, but there was none. Anyway I left the pavement and made my way further through the woods. My way led through a narrow canyon.

I crossed a natural stone gate and at the other end I reached a jetty, with a little hobo raft laying aside. On two trees adjacent to the jetty two tree houses were build in the branches.

A short distance away from the jetty I arrived at a smaller habitation with five smaller cabins at the foot of a hill where one can see a ruined castle.

Because "Baerenfels" is a peninsula, the land ends behind the castle ruin and this small settlement. I took my way back, when I discovered another smaller jetty with a view over to "Brachtan", my next destination.

METROPOLIS Region Baerenfels

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