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Destination: Handelsstadt Hohenburg "Brachtann"

The first house on the road from "Baerenfels" to "Brachtann" in the RP "Hohenburg" is a cattle ranch, where one can choose to be a ranchman as a profession in the RP. Some cows already grazing on the small field next beside the main house.

Next on the opposite side of the road one will find the butcher's with the butcher job vacant.

After I have visited the butcher I went further North on the road to another square. From there the way splits in different directions. A big old oak tree gives shadow over the entire square.

Tossing a coin told me to continue my way on the road to the Western direction. After a short walk I smelled that the air was getting more salty. Turning around a rocky corner I saw the reason, a salt mine came in view.

And if you want, you can become the proud owner of a salt mine. Your house is already build. You just have to furnish it.

The road ended at the shores of a bay and I turned back to the old oak. This time I crossed the bridge and walked right into the little village of "Brachtann". Looks like a village for the burgess with a bakery, a grain house, a pig farm, a glassworks and several town houses.

A small road off the glassworks lead to a monestary and of course it's brewery. On the way I passed a garden where it seems that monks are looking for a gardener and a beer brewer.

I took my way back to the village further on to "Falkenbruch". Before I crossed the border I investgated a small windmill on a rock.

Then I left the beautiful region of  "Brachtann" to enter "Falkenbruch".

METROPOLIS Region Brachtann

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