Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Destination: Point du Jour

My way on the region "Point du Jour" started at the Southeastern corner. My intention was to surround the region counterclockwise and so I walked along a river shore.

A gargoyle was watching my steps with interest, when I  walked towards a watermill.

The inside of the mill was empty but two scary chimneys with burning fires. All in all the area was a little bit scary.

Next beside the mill a cemetery was located. Wafts of mist drifted over the ground.

A bigger building next beside looked as it had been a kind of a taverne in older days but was empty now. Only the bar was left inside. I continued my way along the river over a hill and a church ruin came in sight. My destination.

From far I could see that a longer stairway led to the top of the hill. Walking towards the stairs I took notice of an interesting wheel driven vessel in the water.

The stairs were steep and not easy to walk. After a while I reached the ruin and from there I saw and exciting construction. Bridges from sky mountain to sky mountain led to a sky building which was reminiscent of a Gazebo, a "SkyGazebo"?

A sea monster was patrolling the water while a skeleton bird did the same in the sky. Anyway my next designation was clear. Crossing the first bridge I crossed the region border and set foot on "Erimos". On each of the skymountains one can see some smaller gimmicks, which I will not report about. Just come over and see yourself ;-)
My favorite was the old seismograph.

When I reached the supposed Gazebo I was surprised to see that it was big enough to hold a small farm village.
Because I was not finished on my expedition of "Point to Jour", I left "Erimos" and flew back to the ruin and from there I walked back to the region "Point du Jour".
On my short flight I hop over an active volcano in the bay. After a little walk I left the riverside to inspect an old windmill which I had seen on a hill. Unfortunately the door was closed and so I left the area again. When I took the photo of the mill I could see a spaceship far above in the sky. For sure one of my destinations for one of my next tours.

After the windmill, I crossed a forest until I stood at the borders of  "Erimos" again.
But before I started to explore this region I took a break and reconsidered what I had seen on this day.

Ignis Fatuus Region Point du Jour du Jour

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