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Shopping: OSGrid DutchMountains

A very good address for shopping is "DutchMountains" by Avia Bonne in the OSGrid.
Three major buildings are on the region. Two are build in an old victorian style architecture while one is a modern shopping mall.

I started my investigation in the big victorian style building which reminiscent to grungy steampunk.

Everything in the shop can be copy taken, even when you come from a different grid than OSGrid. And it is not only Avia Bonne offering her goodies but other designers too. As there is Miquel Barcelos with men's outfit.

Or Gary Beaumont and his vehicles.

Women's clothing are also to be found as full landscape sceneries for your region.

You need an alien or Smeagol in mesh ? No problem.

On the upper level on can find more women's clothing, hats and other accessories and a small collection of houses.

Leaving the building I strolled towards the hall which is build in steel and glass as they have been in the late 1800. On the way one finds other objects of interest to take copy. as there are balloons, grungy airplanes and a baby.
The hall comes out to be an old railway station with some rusty robots build as humans. Very nice scenery.

My next interest was the modern building where it says "I-Mesh" at the entrance.

Unfortunately my computer or my graphic card or my viewer or all of them were totally unable to cope with that intense number of mesh and I crashed twice when being in this building. The building itself holds mostly furniture what I could see from the very moments I was able to look into it.
Next beside the i-mesh building one will find a grotto scenery which can be taken as a copy, too.

I almost forget to mention that the OSGrid "travel office" by Mercalia Beck has a teleporter board there with fine destinations within the OSGRID and Hypergrid. It's sorted in different themes and you can scroll by using the little arrows at the bottom. Click on it and you'll get the map to teleport.

Avia Bonne has build a very fine shopping region for the special something. Well done Avia!

OSGrid Region DutchMountains

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