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Destination: Ustengrav

On my last journey to the Ignis Fatuus Grid to "Point du Jour" I already went into the "Erimos" region, with its floating sky rocks, the sea monster and the volcano. And because that's the most significant places within that region I decided to cross the "Cenwen" region for a later visit and travel straight to "Ustengrav" the most Western located region within this complex.

"Ustengrav" looks like an ancient mixture of Mayan and Egyptian culture mingled with Erich von Däniken's theory that some alien culture has been visited earth during that and earlier periods of human settlement.
The most significant on this peninsula is the big temple building with an unknown spacecraft hovering above.

A circular gate in front of the temple with unknown hieroglyphs on it doesn't do any harm when crossing it. And the guards to the left and right do not take any notice of you.

As I took no notice of the beggar at the steps to the temple. Okay, yes, he was okay for taking a photo.

Without any reaction by the next guards I could enter the temple which was a big hall with nothing in it but fantastic textured walls and a round grey platform in its center. Touching the platform will give you a teleporting menu to different places.
I tried it and something happened as you can see on the picture but no teleport happened. I left a note to the aliens to repair it, that people can visit the other places like, Terrace, Aeronef, Pyramid 1st and the Secret Room.

After this, I tried to find the places in another way and exit the temple again to its backside. The distance to the sea shore is very short and there is no more exciting to discover. I used my flight ability and turned to the temple again, when a fantasy air vehicle crossed my flight.

The top most room of the temple contains another teleporter with the same result as the one downstairs when trying to use . On the very top of the temple a mystic electrifying sphere spits sparkles in the air.

Of course my next interest was the spaceship above the temple and I took a short flight to it.

I wasn't able to find any entrance but a small plate somewhere on its surface had a small label which translated to "Spaceship Ithirielle". With all my travels in the Hyperspace I know a little bit of the Frenchalien language so I was able to translate it ;-)
But do not ask me what Ithirielle is ?
Anyway it looked like this ship was a reconnaissance ship with its AWACs like radar gear on its back.
After the inspection I landed again and tried to find an entrance to that secret room the teleporter had set destination to.
On my search I encountered a headless horse.

And yes, it seems I got lucky and on the side of the pyramid temple I found a way into the underground.
Unfortunately it was too dark down there to make a picture. See yourself.

So it's best to discover the underground and of course "Ustengrav" by yourself ! And if you find a stairway that leads under the water surface but won't let you pass, don't give up there is another one and its worth to find it. Don't forget a torch or a flashlight to take with you.

Ignis Fatuus Region Ustengrav

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