Mittwoch, 20. August 2014

Destination Hohenburg "Hochtal"

Passing the lumberjack's house on the road from "Sturmbach" it's just a few steps to enter "Hochtal". I was curious about what to spot on this region.

On a road fork I made my decision to follow the road to the Northwest to investigate on a nearby house. Around a corner I could see another house. The smaller shed was build at the shore with a jetty and a small fisher boat aside. The profession of a fisherman is already taken in the RP of Hohenburg.

The adjacent house, which I first thought would be the fisherman's main house, turned out to be another farmer's home. Still available for a skillful agricultural economist.

After crossing a bridge I came to a compound, where the knights seem to have their tournaments and trainings in all kind of fightings.

I left the place on a road opposite which leads up a hill. But it ended in a big empty cobblestone place with a view over the sea and an island in the vicinity.

After this visit I took all the way back to the first fork and continued to walk towards Southeast to reach the "Handelsstadt "

METROPOLIS Region Hochtal

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