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Destination: Avernus

"Avernus" is located South of "Point du Jour" and West of "Forest Dragon Tower" on the Grid Ignis Fatuus. One of its prominent places is the cathedral at the Eastern border to "Forest Dragon Tower".

Coming form the Northeastern corner of the region I started my way there to end my discovery tour at the cathedral. At the brginning the region is a moderate hilly terrain. On one of the hills three virgins (?!) feed a smaller pond, whose water running down the hill in a rapid stream.

Following the water flow it ends in a small water hole and trickled away into the ground.

After a short walk I reached a road that leads from West to East into the town of "Avernus". In the distance one can see the towers of the castle on "Forest Dragon Tower".

The town is build as a typical old french small farmer's village, with tudor style and stone houses.

After strolling the streets of the village for quite a bit of time and seeing some interesting things I finally reached the two tower cathedral. But this cathedral is not an ordinary one. Many religions are coming together within its walls.

And again there is a secret underneath the floor of the building

Another great region build by the Ignis Fatuus Team. And check on the items you will see, some are to 'copy take', like the flying carpet (unscripted).
My next destination will be "Nosgoth". Meet you there.

Ignis Fatuus Region Avernus

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