Sonntag, 3. August 2014

Vernissage "Photo Works" by Endora Twinklens with Special Guest Joaquin Gustav

Due to technical problems on METROPOLIS Grid and the region "Beeblebrox" we had to cancel the Vernissage on August 1st. But we have a new date now:

The Exhibition of Endora Twinklens' "Photo Works" on the METROPOLIS Grid on Region "Beeblebrox" within the "Maximegalon" area will take place on

Photo Works 
Friday August 8th, 2014 Start 20:30 CET, 11.30 am pdt

Special Guest 21:00 CET, 12.00 pm pdt
Music Artist
Joaquin Gustav
Instrumental Jazz
METROPOLIS Region Beeblebrox

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