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Shopping: Craft-World L.P. Freebie Island

"L.P. Freebie Island" is not only a shopping mall, but one can find a Pirate Port, a Relax Waterfall, a Beach, a Nature Area, a Club, a Sandbox, an Exhibition Hall and of course a Mall.

Before I looked at the Mall I explored the other areas and started at the 'Pirate Port'. Even so it is not declared to be a store, one can 'copy take' all items at the port.

Adjacent to the 'Pirate Port' one will find the relaxing place 'The Beach'.

Around the corner to the Western side of the region one enters the wild swampy area called 'Nature', which runs along the entire Western side and a little to the North side of the region; ending at the 'Sandbox' in the middle of the Northern Side.

The Northeastern corner holds the entertainment part of the region 'Der Club' in a sexy, gothic kinda ambience.

So far for the different regions but the mall, my next destination. I left the club through a hallway to the West and entered the mall. This contains different fantasy Avas, AO's and an adult section on ground floor. On the upper floor one can fill the inventory with animals, vehicles, houses and several dance huds.

The round black building shows a photo and graphic manipulated picture exhibition.

"L.P. Freebie Island" is a nice little region for exploring as well as for purchasing items one has looked for. Ah, I almost forgot: L.P. are the tokens for Lureen Persephone the owner of the region.
Well done Lureen.

Craft-World Region L.P. Freebie Island freebie island

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