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Destination: Devokan

When coming to "Devokan" on the Kitely Grid, agree on the windlight settings recommended by the builder and owner Paislee Myrtle.
As it says in the profile "Devokan" is 'A meeting place for all Devokan friends and lovers of Uru and all things Myst'.
When I arrived there, my landing point was next beside a little round hut on the 4 region counting area of "Devokan", which is the D'ni word for 'Hope'.

Inside the hut you only find a small humidor and a grandfathers clock. That's it. Setting your sounds on, one will hear a steady waterflow but all kinds of strange sounds in its background which gives a very immersive feeling.
From the hut two bridges lead from the island, the hut is standing on, and one arrives at a strange looking platform with four ancient looking gates set up on the cardinal points. In the middle one will find a turning blue sphere in a cage like structure. To understand its meaning one has to be familiar with Uru or Myst, I guess.

Before trying to fly to the Skyrocks which float all over the area, I decided to discover the things on the surface first. So I took the way to the North.

Here now a few impressions of the mysterious landscape of "Devokan"

Walking over "Devokan" you are either walking on narrow ridges or in a crater like valley. While the ridges do not have any planting the valleys have and some buildings the meaning of which is not clear to me.

After the walk over the main island I investigated some islands in the vicinity. The smaller one seems to be a landing platform for some kind of rocket. I could identify a door but could not open it. But the camera view gives a view of an interesting interior, one does not suspect there.

From there I started a quick flight over to the neighboured bigger island. In fact it wasn't a big island but an accumulation of a number of small ones.

Tree houses are build in the large firs and bigger houses on the small land areas, reaching into the water with parts. All the houses are empty or sparsely furnished. Some water vehicles are laying on the jetties.

With that I finished my ground investigations and started to check on the Skyrocks and the buildings there posed some puzzle to me. But see for yourself.

Exploring the worlds of "Devokan" is a mystic wander in a fantasy world full of enigmas.
It's a great place to visit and to be inspired by the works of Paislee Myrtle.
Tipping my hat.

Kitely Region Devokan

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