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Destination Hohenburg "Falkenbruch"

To the East of the square at "Brachtann" with it's big old oak, one moves to "Falkenbruch". It's a little village with several stone houses. Each house is for a certain profession within the Roleplay and belongs to the unique scripted trading system made by Sixtus Magnus (Scripter) and Scarlett Earp (Idea and planning) and be used within the RP.

The first House I walked towards is a glazier's workshop. The house is vacant and you can be a glazier, producing the needed bottles and other glassware.

Just behind this building one will find the barrel-maker's building. Barrels are needed for a variety of liquids, as for example the beer and the vine.

A few steps further is the chandler's house, with candles hanging in front of the house to dry. Due to the lack of electricity at that time, everyone needs candles to have a light in the darkness.

And a bit off in the back at the shore of the sea the beekeeper has his house and flowery meadows. Honey was a one of the main sweeteners during this time as well as a main food and in some cases medicine.

Two dominant bigger houses at the southern edge of the village are build for the book maker and the producer of candlesticks and chandeliers. The well educated people read books and use chandeliers in there houses, while the peasents need the candlesticks in their households.

As you can read there is a variety of professions you can take in the Roleplay and a variety of goods and products one can trade.
But what is a book maker without having paper ?
A little bit off the village a watermill is build to produce this needed paper. And the job as a papermaker is still vacant.

From "Falkenbruch" I took may way back, crossing the bridge to "Brachtann" and passing the windmill to get to "Sturmbach", the next place I will report about.

METROPOLIS Region Falkenbruch

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