Samstag, 23. August 2014

Destination: Korralandin - World of Fantasy

The good thing in the worlds where you don't need any food or any beverages to survive, your avatar do not need any breathing gadgets to survive the deep sea, too.
This time my travels took me under the water surface at "Korralandia - World of Fantasy" on METROPOLIS Grid.

To be more precise, the first part of this journey did, the other part brought me in heady heights. But first I explored the deep sea. A fascinating waterworld is waiting on its visitors.

Mystic wafts of underwater mist(?) drift along the ground. Diverse plants and corals stretch their blossoms towards the surface to catch a bit of the sparse sunlight and fishes and other sea creatures cross your way.

And somehow you got the feeling that somebody or something is truly living down their, making some thorough scientific investigations. I asked myself who is bringing the mail down there.

The building of that scientist is close to some giant roots and I wanted to know what kind of plant might need such roots. I followed the roots to the surface and stood in front of a gigantic tree, standing right in the middle of the sea.

It was not quite easy to climb the root but somehow I made it and walked towards the stem of the tree. On one side of the tree I found a big knothole, big enough, a truck could drive in.

The part of the tree there was hollow but there was no way to climb up the tree from the inside. Disappointed I turned back to the entrance and started to ascend using my flight ability. All over the tree one will find platforms with elfish like gazebos to take a rest. One of them was connected to a round stone house via a bridge. Looking down the bridge I could see a rhythmic floating waterfall from out of another knothole.

The round stone house came out to be a furnished house for whatever living thing.

Passing another few gazebos, I made it to the top with a square stone building. And again it has that elfish flair in its architecture.

Well, whoever lives here has a fantastic view over the Korralandin areas. There is more than just this region "World of Fantasy".
In the vicinity of the tree you see a few skyrocks. One seems to be the pool for the inhabitants of the tree houses cause the inside filled with water. From another a waterfall starts to flow down the rock in intervals.

"Korralandin - World of Fantasy" a region built for beings I do not know and haven't met.
The builder of the region is Nirak Korralandin and she created the regions in the neighborhood of  "World of Fantasy", too. Worth my next travels.
Well done, Nirak!

METROPOLIS Region Korralandin - World of Fantasy - World of Fantasy

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