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Destination Hohenburg "Handelsstadt"

From "Hochtal" the road to "Handelsstadt" make a slight bend around a bigger rock formation; behind it a chapel hides it's presence. A closer look to it showed me that it is a convent.

From there the way leads straight to the town gate of "Handelsstadt"

Just before you enter the town on the left side, one will find the tower of the city watch with a prison cell, the pillory and the executioners working place.

Not really a place to stay and I walked toward the gate to get into the town, when a small road caught my interest, which I followed. After a while the road stopped in front of a stairway upwards. At the end I reached the church of "Hohenburg"

I took my way back and now entered the "Handelsstadt". The first building welcoming you is the tavern. Must have been a party going on, not long ago.

Opposite of the tavern the marketplace is located.

"Handelsstadt" is a medieval village with typical merchant houses,

a guild hall,

noble houses,

a medico,

the firestation,

and a big warehouse.

Walking through the hallway of the warehouse you reach the outer harbor of "Handelsstadt"

Passing the warehouse on its Northeastern side you will reach the inner part of the harbor. From here you have the option to take a hot air balloon tour over the area.

And you find a small market at the quay, where you can get your first medieval equipment and clothing for the participation in the role play.
Here you can join the group, get information about the play and receive a translator if needed.

From the market I went back to the warehouse to walk to my next aim "Donnerpass" and I do not tell you anything about a ghost vessel in the harbor. No I don't.
There are still noble houses vacant as well as the profession of the firechief or the medicus. Or do you like to be a merchant ? If you like to participate in the RP just get in touch with Scarlett Earp. She will be happy to welcome you in the game.

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